Happy Birthday America

July 4 is America’s birthday.

It isn’t really a very happy one this year though.

America’s economy is in the toilet and millions upon millions of Americans are suffering grievously as a result…the country is being suffocated and held back by crushing long term deficit and debt and all kinds of essential programs and services are being cut back or disappearing altogether…the country is saddled with a lazy, supremacist, puerile President who shows utter disrespect for the law, the boundaries of his office and the nations values, institutions, history and traditions, a President who constantly lies through his teeth to the American people and who is demonstrably unfit for office…the country’s military is being eviscerated and national security is being compromised…the country’s southern border is virtually wide open and it is being flooded with illegal immigrants who are bringing disease, pestilence, crime and violence with them…Congress is a joke…government is vindictive and punitive and is becoming bigger and more intrusive and lawless…foreign policy is in tatters and no one trusts, respects or fears America any more…the country is beset by enemies on all sides who would do it great harm in the blink of an eye and who are becoming stronger and stronger as America becomes weaker and weaker…freedom and civil liberties are being lost…Islam and Islamic law are becoming more and more prevalent at the expense of the American way of life…the country is becoming more and more violent…cynicism is everywhere…and on and on.

Still, in spite of it all the American spirit survives and the American dream remains alive.

Still, in spite of it all, America remains the worlds best hope and the worlds most indispensable country.

God Bless America.

President Obama certainly hasn’t.

Cursed it yes, brought it to the brink of rack and ruin yes, blessed it no.

Hey Barack, want to give America and Americans a terrific birthday present, the best birthday present of all?


Before Americans get rid of you.

Which they should have done a long time ago.

Happy Birthday America. 

And rise above…you’re needed more than ever.

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