Threat assessment, Re: Obama’s biggest threat is the future, not the ranters, Toronto Globe & Mail, November 3, 2009

Jeffrey Simpson is completely mistaken when he says “Mr. Obama’s biggest threat comes not from accusations of dithering or from the right-wing screamers, but from the immense scale of his country’s future problems, including wars, deficits and debts, and whether Americans are willing to seriously face any or all of them.” Americans are more than willing to face up to and overcome these problems, or any others Mr. Simpson might care to mention as well. Taking on and surmounting seemingly intractable problems is what Americans do. It is bred in their bone and why they elected Obama President. They expected him to change things, but for the better, not the worse.

Since his election Obama has failed to make progress in virtually every important area he has dealt with, including the economy, domestic policy (especially health care) and foreign policy. In fact, the opposite is true and there has been retrogression everywhere. The man has been a huge disappointment and has given no indication that he has the capacity to improve on his dreadful performance. That is why his approval ratings have plummeted and why the American people have turned on him. Obama brought change all right but it was change in the wrong direction and no one seriously thinks he will be able to right the ship. Mitigate some of the harm he’s done…maybe. Right the ship, no. He has castigated President Bush on several occasions for the supposed mess he left him to cope with when he left office. The mess he leaves his successor will be far more troublesome and there won’t be any supposed about it.

Obama’s greatest threat doesn’t come from any of the areas Mr. Simpson listed. It comes from his own ego, his naive and unwavering world view, his lack of gravitas, his proclivity to dither and equivocate e.g. to fiddle while Rome burns and his tendency to play politics instead of being strong and uncompromising in the face of adversity and evil. These characteristics threaten us all, not just him. Americans have recognized this and will no doubt toss him out of office in the 2012 Presidential Election. In the meantime we must all do everything we can within the framework of the law to prevent any more damage and hope that the greatest threat to him personally, assassination or attempted assassination by some disaffected lunatic, doesn’t come to pass. Including rant.

This from a life-long Democrat with impeccable credentials…I even voted for the guy.

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