Israel should quit wasting time and get on with it, Re: IDF preparing for escalation against Hamas, senior army source says, Jerusalem Post, July 7, 2014

“Heavy rocket barrages slammed into southern Israel on Monday evening, triggering air raid sirens across wide areas, including Rehovot and Beit Shemesh.”

“Seven long-range Palestinian rockets were intercepted over Ashdod, and five over Netivot.”

“Some 30 rockets were fired from Gaza in the Monday night barrage. A total of 80 rockets slammed into southern Israel throughout the day and evening.”

“The IDF is taking “significant steps” to prepare itself for a stepped up campaign of attacks against Hamas in Gaza, a senior military source said Monday, as Palestinian projectile fire from the Strip continued unabated.”


Israel should forget about some sort of modest escalation though. Modest escalation won’t work. It may stop the unremitting rocket firing into Israel for a short period of time but after that it will resume as it always does and rockets from Gaza will once again be fired into Israel, rockets which destroy Israeli property and terrorize, maim and murder Israelis.

Israeli civilians.

Israeli women, children and the aged and infirm.

History is the best teacher of all and one of the great lessons of history for Israelis is that modest or even relatively modest military measures will not stop Hamas and its fellow travellers from launching rockets into Israel for any length of time. One thing and one thing only will do that…using overwhelming force to root out and destroy Hamas and its fellow travellers military capacity. Anything else is simply a waste of Israeli time and treasure because unless Hamas and its fellow travellers military capacity is rooted out and destroyed Israel will continue to be attacked by them.

If Hamas and its fellow travellers don’t like it, too bad. Its their own fault because just as they are making the choice to launch rockets into Israel they could choose to stop attacking Israel and be a genuine partner for peace, rather than inviting retaliation. After all, the primary, most important, sole responsibility of the Israeli Defence Force and the Government of Israel is to protect Israelis and if it must use overwhelming force to do that, as it demonstrably must, so be it. What else are they supposed to do? Lie back and let Israel be continually attacked? Since Hamas and its fellow travellers won’t stop themselves Israelis must stop them and the only way to do that is by using overwhelming force against them, it is as simple as that. Israel has no choice because Hamas and its fellow travellers leave it no choice. For Israel and Israelis its kill or be killed, nothing more, nothing less, and that comes down to Hamas and its fellow travellers. For Israel, its self-defence, national security and preventing the destruction of Israeli property, the terrorizing of Israeli citizens and the shedding of Israeli blood by Hamas and its fellow travellers in the only way possible.

The IDF and the Government of Israel should quit wasting time and get on with it because more Israeli blood, treasure and lives will be lost as Hamas and its fellow travellers will keep on launching rockets into Israel until they do.

That’s history, that’s reality and that’s the sad, sad truth.

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