What else is Israel supposed to do…lie back and enjoy being constantly bombarded by rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza? Re: Israel intensifies attack on Day 2, seeking to inflict a ‘substantial toll’ and cripple Hamas, National Post, July 9, 2014

Hamas is an Islamic terror organization whose one and only reason for existence is to wipe Israel off the map.

To annihilate it

To destroy it.

To remove it from the face of the earth.

That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.

So far this year Hamas has fired at least 450 rockets into Israel from Gaza in an attempt to destroy Israeli property and infrastructure and to maim, murder and generally terrorize Israelis.

Which they do, because they target civilians.

Which they do, because they are aimed at villages, towns and cities, everywhere Israelis live and work.

Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005 and since then Hamas and its fellow travellers have fired over 8,000 rockets into Israel from there and committed many, many atrocities and terrorist acts against Israelis from there as well, over and above the rocket fire.

The rocket fire by Hamas has recently increased in frequency and severity and Israel is now under constant bombardment.

Israel has responded with Operation Protective Edge, which is a measured, step by step military operation designed to bring the current rocket attacks to a halt and to prevent future attacks. To date, the operation has been limited to air strikes targeting Hamas operatives and their rocket launching and support sites but if that doesn’t stop the rocket assaults Israel will send in ground forces to root out Hamas and the sites and stop them.

Since nothing else has stopped Hamas over the years and since it is achingly obvious that Hamas will not stop unless the Israeli military forces it to, Operation Protective Edge is a perfectly legitimate, reasonable, justifiable and defensible response. Israel really has no other choice. It has to use its military to defend itself and its people. What else is it supposed to do…lie back and enjoy being constantly bombarded by rockets fired by Hamas from Gaza? No other nation on earth would not respond to unremitting rocket fire on its its territory and civilian population so why should Israel refrain from responding when it is attacked?

It shouldn’t. The attacks have to stop and if using the Israeli military (including sending in ground troops if necessary) is the only way to do it, which it is, so be it. Since Hamas uses civilians as human shields and stores and fires its rockets from homes and facilities like schools and hospitals it has commandeered…from locations in civilian areas…from locations among the civilian population…there have been and will be civilian casualties but the Israeli military is very conscientious about keeping them to an absolute minimum and every single one of them is squarely on the shoulders of Hamas, not Israel.

In fact, everything is squarely on the shoulders of Hamas, not Israel, the destruction, carnage and death, everything. Israel is only responding defensively, is really making the only defensive response it can, and Operation Cast Lead would be entirely unnecessary if only Hamas would stop firing rockets into Israel.

Which it won’t.

By itself anyway.

That’s absolutely certain.

Hamas (and its fellow travellers)…hatred, violence and murder in the name of religion.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Here’s my advice to Israel.

Don’t hold back, go in, root out and cripple Hamas and destroy its weaponry.

And if Hamas surfaces again and the attacks start again, re-occupy Gaza and get rid of them altogether.

That would lie squarely on their shoulders too.

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