Obama’s presidency has been a big fat sick joke, Re: Obama leading to America’s demise, Washington Times, July 9, 2014

President Barack Hussein Obama is leading to America’s demise alright.

Americans know that the country is in a big fat mess and that the mess is getting bigger and messier all the time.

Americans know that Obama’s presidency has been a big fat sick joke.

Americans know that their lives have been greatly diminished since Obama took office and that they are becoming more and more diminished with each passing day.

Americans know that the same applies to the life of the country itself.

Here are just a few examples. There’s no shortage of others as well.

The percentage of Americans on welfare has hit record levels and is rising continuously.

The price of food has been rising continuously since Obama took office and many Americans can ill afford or can no longer afford staples like beef, pork, seafood, eggs, dairy products and fresh fruit.

The price of gasoline has been rising continuously since Obama took office.

America’s national debt is higher than it has ever been and is growing exponentially as we speak. It is currently 70 trillion odd dollars and climbing.

America’s economy is in the tank and the number of jobless Americans, underemployed Americans, Americans surviving on part time work and Americans who have given up looking for work altogether has reached epidemic proportions.

American’s healthcare has gotten much worse under Obama and his signature legislation, Obamacare, has proven to be one of the biggest boondoggles, if not the biggest boondoggle, in living memory.

America’s infrastructure, its bridges, roads, highways, public buildings and so on is crumbling.

America’s southern border has become open and porous and the country is being flooded by illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants who are bringing disease, pestilence, violence and crime with them.

Obama continuously lies to the American people about anything and everything and continuously distorts reality about anything and everything.

Obama continuously violates the boundaries and limitations of his office and his dictatorial, unilateral actions have made a mockery of the balance of powers doctrine, have made a mockery of the Constitution of The United States.

America’s influence around the world is at an all time low and no one respects, trusts or fears America anymore.

America’s foreign policy is in utter disarray and this is having a profoundly negative effect on America and Americans, not to mention her friends and allies.

America’s military is being eviscerated and America is becoming weaker and weaker as her enemies become stronger and stronger.

America has abdicated its position as leader and defender of the free world.

America and Americans are more vulnerable to attack from within and without than they have ever been, small scale terrorist attacks have become almost a part of life and large scale terrorist attacks have become a virtual certainty.

The country is being riven by crime and racial and religious divides.

Government intrusion into the lives of Americans is becoming more and more pervasive and American’s civil liberties, freedom and independence are being eroded and lost.

American laws, values and institutions are being constantly subverted, compromised and overridden.

America is rapidly becoming Islamized at the expense of the American way of life.

Iran is on the verge of becoming a nuclear power.

The Middle East is imploding, with incalculable consequences for America and Americans.

The American dream isn’t dead but it is certainly dying.

And on and on and on.

Obama’s presidency really has been a big fat sick joke and Obama really is leading to America’s demise.

Will Americans rouse themselves, rid themselves of Obama and save themselves, their country and the free world as well for that matter?

Stay tuned.

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