Forget about a ceasefire and finish the job, Re: Reports of ceasefire formula emerge as Gaza hostilities continue, Jerusalem Post, July 12, 2014

Rumors abound as this is being written that a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in Gaza may be imminent.

A ceasefire would be a big mistake for Israel.

It would cripple Hamas but it would not destroy it.

It would mean that Hamas would recoup and rebuild and that Israel would have to attack in force again to defend itself in a year or two. That is more or less how long it would take Hamas to recoup and rebuild and that is when Hamas would resume large-scale rocket and other terrorist attacks. In the meantime Hamas would retain the ability to carry out small-scale rocket and other terrorist attacks on Israel, which it most assuredly would do.

Crippling instead of destroying Hamas simply guarantees that the current situation will repeat itself in a year or two, nothing more. It may buy Israel a brief period of relative calm but that’s all…unless Hamas is destroyed, in a year or two Israel will find itself besieged once again by large-scale rocket and other terrorist attacks courtesy of Hamas and the Israeli military will have to respond in force yet again to protect Israel and safeguard Israeli civilians. That is a foregone conclusion.

If Israel really wants to protect itself and safeguard Israeli civilians from rocket and terrorist attacks launched from Gaza it must root out Hamas, destroy its weaponry and destroy its ability to carry out such attacks in the first place. That means continued aerial bombardment against Hamas operatives and weapons sites, that means sending in the troops to finish the job and that means re-occupying Gaza to keep Hamas from resurfacing. Abandoning Gaza to the Palestinians nine years ago was a terrible mistake by Israel. All it did was bring Israelis destruction bloodshed and death and it is a mistake that must be rectified to prevent future destruction bloodshed and death raining down on Israel from there.

So Israel, don’t agree to a ceasefire and don’t stop now. Carry on with Operation Protective Edge until Hamas is rooted out and destroyed and then re-occupy Gaza because it is clear that unless you do the whole sorry state of affairs will just keep repeating itself. History, reality and Islam tell us exactly that.

And yes, the fault lies with the Palestinians, with Hamas and its fellow travellers.


Twas ever thus, which is why it is necessary for Israel to carry on with Operation Protective Edge, finish the job and re-occupy Gaza.

Oh, and for anyone out there bemoaning civilian casualties in Gaza, those are entirely the fault of the Palestinians, of Hamas and its fellow travellers as well. There is no question at all that Hamas uses civilians, including children, as human shields and that Hamas both stores its weapons and launches them from sites such as schools, hospitals, mosques, neighborhoods and ordinary homes. Israel takes every precaution to prevent civilian casualties, including warning civilians to leave before attacks come. That is exactly the opposite of what Hamas does. Israel tries to prevent civilian casualties and save civilian lives and has an exemplary record of doing both, often to its own detriment. Beyond using its own civilians as deadly pawns, with its indiscriminate rocket fire and terrorist attacks Hamas tries to maim and murder as many Israeli civilians as it possibly can. Therein lies the difference.

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