It certainly does, Re: Israel knows the price of weakness, Daily Telegraph, July 14, 2014

Israel certainly does know the price of weakness.

Its the annihilation of the country.

Its the removal of the country from the face of the earth.

Its the death of the country.

Its the deaths of millions upon millions of Jews.

As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said, “If the Arabs put down their weapons today there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.”

Netanyahu is absolutely correct.

That is beyond dispute.

To anyone that isn’t ignorant or blind or deluded or anti-Israel or anti-Semitic that is.

Well guess what, the Arabs, the people of Gaza, Hamas, aren’t going to put down their weapons.

Thanks to Islam, they have been using them against Jews (and everyone else too for that matter) since Islam first came into existence 1,400 years ago and against Israel since Israel came into existence in 1948.

Israel laid down its weapons in Gaza when it withdrew from there nine years ago. It uprooted and removed scores of thriving Jewish communities from there, withdrew and removed all vestiges of the Israeli military from there and turned the land over to the Arabs, to the people of Gaza.

So what did Israel get in return?

Constant, unremitting, destruction, terror, bloodshed and death from there, that’s what.

Gazans freely and democratically elected Hamas as their government.

Hamas exists for one reason and one reason only, to annihilate Israel and maim and murder as many Israelis as it possibly can in the process, and Gazans were fully aware of that when they elected it.

With the support of the people of Gaza, Hamas has fired over 8,000 rockets into Israel since 2005 and committed innumerable terrorist acts against Israel and Israelis, many of them heinous, savage and barbaric beyond belief.

With the support of the people of Gaza, Hamas started the current conflict and is entirely responsible for it, for its continuation and for the attendant consequences.

Unless Israel roots out and destroys Hamas and its weaponry and infrastructure in Gaza and reoccupies it the cycle will do nothing but repeat itself again and again, regardless of how else the current conflict ends.

That is why Israel is bombarding Gaza, that is why it must send in ground troops and that is why it must reoccupy Gaza.

Nothing else will do, nothing else at all.

Israel must use its strength to save itself from Hamas and its fellow travellers, to survive.

If it doesn’t use its strength, if it allows itself to become weak and irresolute, in Gaza or anywhere else, it will die.

It is as simple as that.

Have a serious, honest, objective and knowledgeable look at Islam, history, reality and current events if you don’t believe me.

No, the current conflict is not Israels fault, not in the least.

Israel is just finishing, must finish, what Hamas, started, that’s all.

To repeat what Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “If the Arabs put down their weapons today there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel.”

Truer words were never spoken.

And while I’m at it, please spare me any bleating about civilian casualties in Gaza. Israel could inflict far more, far more, civilian casualties in Gaza than it has, no question about it, whereas Hamas would inflict far more, far more, civilian casualties in Israel if it could, no question about that either.

Allow me to quote from a previous post on this site.

“Oh, and for anyone out there bemoaning civilian casualties in Gaza, those are entirely the fault of the Palestinians, of Hamas and its fellow travellers, as well. There is no question at all that Hamas uses civilians, including children, as human shields and that Hamas both stores its weapons and launches them from sites such as schools, hospitals, mosques, neighborhoods and ordinary homes. Israel takes every precaution to prevent civilian casualties, including warning civilians to leave before attacks come. That is exactly the opposite of what Hamas does. Israel tries to prevent civilian casualties and save civilian lives and has an exemplary record of doing both, often to its own detriment. Beyond using its own civilians as deadly pawns, with its indiscriminate rocket fire and terrorist attacks Hamas tries to maim and murder as many Israeli civilians as it possibly can. Therein lies the difference.”

Hamas complaining about the high number of civilian casualties in Gaza in the current conflict is the absolute height of hypocrisy.

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