ISIL: We’re at war with you and we’re out to destroy you, Re: White House: U.S. is not at war with Islamic State, Jihad Watch, August 12, 2014

ISIL or ISIS or whatever the savages and barbarians who make it up call themselves has one long term goal and one long term goal only…to establish a world-wide Islamic Caliphate and make Islam supreme everywhere on earth.

This by its own admission.

On occasions too numerous to count.

In order to make this happen it first has to achieve several short term goals, the most important one being to eliminate, to destroy, the United States.

In order to do that it first has to conquer as much territory as possible in the Middle East, subjugate or kill as many people as it possibly can in the Middle East, become as formidable a fighting force as it possibly can, remove America’s friends and allies from the equation, especially Israel, attack the United States from within and without and spread its hateful, poisonous ideology as widely as possible.

All of which it is busily doing.

All of which means it is growing by leaps and bounds.

ISIL already has a large and well-equipped army, already controls vast swaths of territory in the Middle East and has already subjugated or killed millions upon millions of people. It is becoming bigger, stronger, more capable and more of a threat every day.

So, while the White House and the feckless American President Barack Hussein Obama believe that the United States is not at war with ISIL ISIL is certainly at war with the United States and is out to destroy it as a necessary precursor to establishing a world-wide Islamic Caliphate and making Islam supreme all over the earth.

Can ISIL bring the United States to its knees, can it really eliminate and destroy the U.S.?

With Barack Hussein Obama in the White House you bet it can.

ISIL’s savagery and barbarity knows no bounds. Summary executions, beheadings, crucifixions, burying people alive in mass graves, rapes, abductions, starving people to death, mutilating people, trafficking women and girls as sexual slaves, killing children in front of their parents, forcing people to convert to Islam upon pain of death, torturing people, terrorizing entire populations, burning churches and villages to the ground, generally destroying any vestige of other way’s of life or other belief systems and other such atrocities are all part of its modus operandi, are all part of its very essence and being, are all things it carries out on a vast scale every single day.

All of which and more would be brought to the United States, to the U.S. homeland, by ISIL

Make no mistake about that at all.

No, America is not at war with ISIL.

But it should be.

It should use every means at its disposal, particularly military might, to stop it in its tracks, to defeat it.

Starting now.

Its either defeating ISIL in the Middle East or defeating ISIL in the U.S. homeland.

Those are the only two alternatives.

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