U.S. abandons Yazidis, abandons itself too, Re: U.S. Pulls Back on Mountain Rescue Plan in Iraq, International New York Times, August 15, 2014

The United States is abandoning thousands upon thousands of Yazidi refugees trapped by ISIL on Mount Sinjar in Iraq to their fate.

How many thousands?

At least seventy to eighty according to reliable accounts.

What is their fate?

Being beheaded, crucified, hanged, raped, mutilated, buried alive in mass graves, starved, forced into sexual slavery, forced to convert to Islam upon pain of being immediately killed, deprived of water, abducted, being forced to watch their children and relatives slaughtered in front of their eyes and so on and so forth at the hands of ISIL, that’s what.

Suffering unimaginably cruel deaths at the hands of ISIL, that’s what.

Being subjected to unimaginably savage, barbaric atrocities at the hands of ISIL, that’s what.

Being exterminated by ISIL, that’s what.

It is a moral and humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.

The United States mounted a puny, feeble rescue mission which allowed some people to escape, then patted itself on the back and abandoned the rest, in spite of the fact that the Iraqi government and the United Nations, among many others, have made it very clear that Yazidis in their many thousands remain trapped and that any claims to the contrary are palpably untrue.

So why is the United States, the one Western nation with the ability to save the Yazidis, abandoning them to their fate?

Only President Barack Hussein Obama, the man responsible for making the decision, can tell us that and given his track record of duplicity and lying through his teeth the chances of getting an honest answer are nil.

Whatever the reason or reasons are, abandoning the Yazidis to their fate is more than a blot on President Obama, it is a blot on America and Americans, on the United States itself.

And make no mistake, it isn’t just the Yazidis that are being abandoned here. 

ISIL is a serious, direct threat to the national security of the United States, to the very existence of the United States. It wants to bring its barbarism and savagery and atrocities and poisonous beliefs to America and in the end destroy it. Morality aside, by failing to crush it, by allowing it to grow and develop and metastasize and spread Obama is guaranteeing that its barbarism and savagery and atrocities poisonous beliefs will be brought to the American homeland and that rivers of American blood will flow in American communities as Americans fight for survival on American soil. Obama abandoning the Yazidis in favour of ISIL is akin to him abandoning America as well…Obama consigning the Yazidis to their fate is akin to him consigning Americans to theirs too.

Thanks Barack. Hope you’re enjoying your golf.

You do know that Islam doesn’t permit golf don’t you?

Don’t you?

Americans won’t get an honest answer on that either.

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