Open your eyes everyone, Re: ‘Act now against poisonous ideology or face terror on Britain’s streets’, Daily Telegraph, August 16, 2014

British Prime Minister David Cameron just published a letter in the Daily Telegraph calling for action to be taken against ISIL and the poisonous ideology it acts in the name of lest Brits face terror on their streets.

What on earth is Cameron talking about?

Brits have long faced Islamic terror on their streets. Islamic terrorists acting in the name of Islam have committed horrific terrorist acts on the streets of Britain, including beheadings and mass murder. Islamic terrorism on the streets of Britain is nothing new at all. It has been going on for many years and is a large and growing problem as Britain becomes more and more Islamized with each passing day, as Islam becomes more and more prominent with each passing day. To pretend and imply otherwise is simply not true. If Cameron can’t see that he’s either in wilful denial or is blind as a bat.

To pretend and imply that defeating ISIL would keep Islamic terror from the streets of Britain is simply not true either. To be sure, ISIL is a huge problem for Britain and the West (not to mention its millions of victims in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East) and defeating it is essential not only for the West’s survival but also on moral and humanitarian grounds, but to pretend and imply (as Cameron does) that defeating it would make Britain’s streets safe from Islamic terror, would solve the problem of the Islamization of Britain or would keep Britain from becoming an Islamic nation is wrong, dead wrong.

The same applies of course to politicians from other Western nations who make the same sort of statement pertaining to their own countries. ISIL is a symptom of the larger problem, the larger problem being the supremacist, expansionist, intolerant, hateful, cruel nature and essence of Islam itself and its rise and growth in the West. ISIL should of course be defeated but until the larger problem is dealt with other ISILs will arise, the Islamization of Western nations will proceed apace, Western nations will continue to be plagued by small and large scale terrorist attacks and freedom, democracy and the Western way of life will be imperilled.

So David, go after ISIL by all means using everything you have at your disposal, including military might, especially military might. But don’t pretend or imply for one single minute that doing so, that defeating ISIL, will keep Brits from having to face Islamic terror on their streets, from having to face the ongoing Islamization of Britain and the concomitant erosion and elimination of their way of life. It won’t. Deal with ISIL alright, but deal with the larger problem as well.

Barack, Francois, Angela, Stephen and all you other politicians out there…listen up.

This is a message for you and your nations too.

Open your eyes everyone.

And act.

And act soon.

We can no longer fiddle around while the world burns.

Not if we want to survive that is.

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