The price is rising by the minute, Re: ISIS Tightens Its Grip With Seizure of Air Base in Syria, International New York Times, August 25, 2014

ISIS captured a huge air base from the Syrian government yesterday.

Tabqa airfield is, or rather was, a major military facility. It was home to several squadrons of warplanes and helicopters, tanks, artillery and ammunition stores were also located there. Capturing it was a major military and strategic victory for ISIS as capturing the base gives ISIS full control of Syria’s northeast and access to massive oil reserves in the region. ISIS was a military force to be reckoned with before it captured Taqba and it is even stronger, more powerful and more formidable now that it has done so.

The capture of Taqba is especially bad news for Westerners and Western nations, for Americans and America in particular. ISIS is dedicated to killing as many Westerners as possible while destroying the West and making it part of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate and destroying the United States and killing as many Americans as possible in the process is a necessary precursor to that. Each victory that ISIS scores brings bloodbaths in the West, bloodbaths in the United States, that much closer and capturing Taqba was a significant victory indeed.

One thing and one thing only can defeat ISIS, can keep that from happening, can defeat ISIS and consign it to the dustbin of history.

The United States has to get serious and unleash its military.

It has to bomb ISIS back to the stone age from whence it came and has to use ground troops, boots on the ground, to clean up the mess.

Nothing else will do.

The use of military might is the only way to defeat ISIS and stop it from spreading and implementing its barbaric, savage doctrine and the U.S. military is the only military in the world capable of doing it.

Preventing bloodbaths in Western cities, in American cities, isn’t the only reason the United States should unleash its military.

It should unleash its military on moral and ethical grounds as well.

ISIS is a barbaric, savage, organization made up of barbaric, savage atavists operating under a barbaric, savage doctrine. It brings nothing but cruelty, destruction and death with it and commits unspeakable atrocities and war crimes on a massive scale wherever it goes. It conquers and rules through terror and fear and force because it is intellectually, spiritually and morally bankrupt and that is the only way it can take and hold power. It is the absolute antithesis of everything that America and the West stands for, that the civilized world stands for, and not stopping it when it is possible to do so is immoral and unethical in the extreme, not to mention cynical and consigning millions upon millions of men, women and children to their terrible, horrific fate.

ISIS is a strong, powerful, formidable foe and it is getting stronger, more powerful and more formidable every day. It must be stopped and defeated and only the United States military can do that. There will be an awful price to pay but the price of putting it off or fiddling around inconsequentially as President Obama is doing or not doing it at all will be infinitely greater.

America better hurry up though.

ISIS is already spreading its poisonous tentacles in the West, in the United States, and the price is rising by the minute.

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