Israel lets Hamas off the hook, Re: Opposition to cease-fire comes from across political spectrum, Jerusalem Post, August 26, 2014

Israelis of all political persuasions are angry and upset at the latest cease-fire agreement with Hamas.

The cease-fire agreement has been universally panned in Israel.

The vast majority of Israelis reject it and think their government should not have gone ahead with it.

All because Israelis know that it won’t hold.

All because Israelis know that all it really does is give Hamas time to rearm and rebuild.

All because Israelis know that it guarantees that Hamas will attack Israel yet again and that Israel will be obliged to respond in force yet again.

All because Israelis know that it postpones and perpetuates violence and attacks by Hamas and doesn’t really prevent violence and attacks against Israel or make them safer and more secure in their homes at all.

All because Israelis know that the cease-fire allows Hamas to live and fight another day.

All because Israelis know that their government backed off and missed a glorious opportunity to truly incapacitate and defeat Hamas for good.

All because Israelis know that their government didn’t finish the job when it could have and should have and that the government thereby consigned them to further attacks and atrocities by Hamas.

Here’s some advice for the Israeli government.

When Hamas violates the current cease-fire agreement (it has violated 12 previous agreements since Operation Protective Edge began seven weeks ago and it is sure to violate this one as well) get serious, quit messing around, go into Gaza with overwhelming force and get rid of Hamas once and for all. The people of Israel deserve nothing less. Don’t think that Hamas will change or moderate its behaviour. It won’t, which means that it must be excised and removed or else Israelis will continue to suffer enormously at its hands.

Here’s some advice for the Israeli people.

Your government has just failed miserably in its duty to protect you. If it fails again the next time around, elect a new one which will.

Oh, and one more thing.

Don’t forget the neighbourhood you live in. The only thing that counts, the only thing that any of your neighbours respect, is strength and the willingness to use it. The only thing that is keeping you alive and your country alive is the sword and the perception by your neighbours that you are willing and able to use it. By backing off and not finishing the job in Gaza you just cast doubt in their minds and removed much of your deterrent effect. You may have the biggest sword in the Middle East, the strongest and most capable military in the region, but are you really just a paper tiger because you’re not willing to use it to its full effect? That is a question that your foes in the Middle East are beginning to ask and you must convince them otherwise or else the consequences for you will be absolutely horrific, absolutely beyond imagination. If people think you’re weak they will certainly test you (that means try and kill you) until you convince them that you’re not, that you’re not a paper tiger.

Getting rid of Hamas will do the trick.

Agreeing to useless and pointless cease-fires won’t.

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