It needs a lot more than that, Re: The World Needs a Clarion, Wall Street Journal, September 4, 2014

The world needs a lot more than a clarion about ridding itself of ISIS.


Because talk is cheap that’s why.

Because clarion calls by themselves don’t mean a thing.

Because rhetoric is meaningless unless its backed up by action,unless whoever is spouting the rhetoric is willing to back up their words with action, real action.

Everybody in the world knows that.

ISIS certainly knows that.

ISIS knows that no matter what Obama says, no matter how much he denounces and condemns its behaviour, no matter how much he threatens it, he is not going to take meaningful action against it.

ISIS knows that it can keep on beheading Americans, keep on committing atrocities of the most unspeakable kind in Syria, Iraq, the Middle East and beyond, keep on spreading its poison in the West and the United States, keep on preparing to commit mass murder in the West and the United States, keep on threatening the very existence of the West and the United States and keep on being a blight on humanity without fear of retaliation by Obama and the United States.

ISIS knows that the overwhelming use of force by the United States military, including U.S. boots on the ground, is the only thing that can really hurt it, can stop it, can destroy it. It also knows that that simply isn’t going to happen as long as Obama is President and that it has nothing to fear from the U.S. as long as he’s in office. After all, he talks a good game and is very good at rhetoric and issuing clarion calls but that’s as far as it goes and doesn’t mean anything at all because he won’t unleash the American military, which is the one thing he can to really hurt it, to stop it, to destroy it.

So, if you’re American, look forward to more Americans being beheaded, look forward to ISIS continuing to spread its poison in the United States and look forward to ISIS committing mass murder in the U.S. itself, possibly as soon as next week, the 13th anniversary of 9/11. If you’re European or live elsewhere in the West look for ISIS to continue to bring its poison to you too. And if you’re in Syria or Iraq or elsewhere in the Middle East look for ISIS to keep on doing exactly what it has been doing.

And if you want to get angry at someone or something besides ISIS get angry at Obama. He could have prevented this all along and can still prevent it.

Only he hasn’t and he won’t.

The world needs a lot more than a clarion alright.

It needs Obama to act unilaterally and unleash the full might of the United States military to stop and destroy ISIS because nothing else will do the trick.

Americans need to force him to do exactly that and force him out of office if he won’t.

They need him to shut up and put up.

They need America to declare war against ISIS just as ISIS has declared war against America, not to mention the rest of the West and the rest of humanity too.


While they still have their heads…metaphorically and literally.

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