Coming soon to you and your community-maybe, Re: Streets of horror: ISIS putting heads of decapitated victims on display as warning to Kobane, Daily Mirror, October 13, 2014

ISIS savages are very close to overrunning and taking control of Kobane, Syria, a key city on the Turkey Syrian border. United States led air strikes have done virtually nothing to stop them or even slow them down nor will they as air strikes on their own simply aren’t capable of doing so, as every military man knows. If ISIS succeeds, and there is every reason to think that it will, very soon, it will have achieved a major victory in it’s quest to establish an Islamic Caliphate in the heart of the Middle East and beyond.

In the process of overrunning and taking control of Kobane ISIS is committing large-scale atrocities in the name of Islam that are beyond comprehension to civilized, decent, moral people everywhere, Muslims included. The atrocities include beheading people of all ages, mutilating people, including amputations, eye gouging and severing tongues and other body parts, mass rapes, selling and sexually enslaving women and children, littering the streets with headless, mutilated corpses, mass murder and other such utterly evil deeds. None of this is any secret and all of it is well known and well documented, much of the time by ISIS itself. The atrocities are simply what ISIS does, simply what ISIS brings with it wherever it goes, in Kobane and everywhere else.

And that my fellow Americans, is one of the two primary reasons United States must destroy ISIS militarily, as it is more than capable of doing. By not destroying ISIS militarily the U.S. is allowing it to carry out these atrocities and implicitly sanctioning them. That is unconscionable…it is abandoning huge numbers of victims, innocent civilians, innocent men, women and children, to their fate and is immorality of the highest order. And make no mistake, the United States and only the United States has the power to destroy ISIS militarily. No one else can. Military might is the only thing that can stop ISIS in its tracks and save millions upon millions of people and if the United States won’t unleash its military to save them they will die horrible deaths and Americans will no longer be able to consider themselves a moral people. Air strikes on their own won’t do it and unless the American military is unleashed they will remain as nothing more than a cynical political ploy by President Obama and a waste of time. Destroying ISIS is entirely doable and a moral imperative for the U.S. and all that is lacking is the will and the sense to do it, personified by President Obama.

That is one of the two primary reasons why President Obama should allow the American military to pull the trigger so to speak.

The other primary reason is enlightened self interest. ISIS has the United States squarely in its cross-hairs and Americans can be assured that it will commit the same atrocities in the U.S. it is committing in the Middle East when it becomes able to do so. Atrocities are already being committed on a small scale in America and as ISIS becomes stronger and stronger, which it is doing by the minute, the scale will become larger and larger until Americans everywhere in the homeland become affected and have to fight for their lives, have to fight for their survival and the survival of their own country on their own turf. The threat is palpable and real and there is no doubt whatsoever that ISIS will bring the same savagery on the same scale to America that it has brought to the Middle East unless the American military destroys it in the Middle East. ISIS is in the United States on a small scale today. Will it come on a large scale tomorrow? It will if its not destroyed in the Middle East. Does America have the will and the sense to do it? Does President Obama have the will and the sense to do it? Maybe, maybe not. So far though the answer is no to both questions.

Morality and enlightened self interest. Can’t get any better reasons than those.

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