Placing blame where it belongs, Re: Let’s analyze, not sanitize, Toronto Globe & Mail, November 10, 2009

Blame for the massacre at Fort Hood rests primarily in three places, with Major Hasan himself, with the military personnel who ignored numerous warning signs and with Islam.

Major Hasan chose to murder as many people as he possibly could and did in fact attempt to do so. The decision he made to execute his fellow human beings was made by him and him alone. No one forced him to pull the trigger and no one forced him to commit this atrocity. He didn’t have to do it. That is something which must be stressed. Major Hasan cannot be absolved of blame because he made the decision to kill, he went to the base and he randomly assassinated anyone that came across his path. There are those who are trying to absolve him of blame and rationalize his actions but in the end he killed as a result of a conscious decision he made. His reasoning and motivation is irrelevant in that sense. In the eyes of the law he was, and is, a perfectly sane individual who nonetheless committed mass murder. Blame does indeed rest with him.

Blame also rests with those in the military who either ignored or excused the numerous warning signs Major Hasan gave over the years. There were no shortage of red flags which the military was well aware of. It failed to respond in any meaningful way to every single one of them and as a result 13 people have died, 41 others have been wounded, their families have been devastated, the nation has been traumatized and thousands of loyal American military men and women have been placed under suspicion because they are Muslim. None of this had to happen. If the military had heeded the warning signs and responded appropriately none of it would have. Dereliction of duty took place from the very beginning of this whole sorry episode and those responsible must be brought to account. Heads should roll as they say because that may prevent events like this from happening again.

So, blame rests with the military as well.

Blame rests with Islam too. Those who believe Islam is a benign entity or a religion of peace are sadly mistaken. It is a completely proscribed way of life which is fundamentally at odds with our democratic, free, secular, Judeo-Christian society. Islam doesn’t mean peace, it means submission. It really has one purpose and one person only, expanding itself until the entire world is under Islamic rule and all non-Islamic cultures are destroyed. This is made crystal clear in the Qu’ran, the literal word of Allah as revealed to the Prophet Mohammed which all believers are required to live under. Truly devout Muslims do not think they¬†have an option. They must do what they are told to do in the Qu’ran, without question. That means everything in the Qu’ran, not just selected parts. The instant Major Hasan became truly devout, evidently in 2001 sometime before 9/11, Islam made his future virtually a foregone conclusion. It must therefore also bear its share of the blame, arguably even a disproportionate amount, because it was the foundation upon which he stood and the doctrine he acted under. It was an enabler and allowed him to justify the murders.

Will any good come out of this? Perhaps. At the very least maybe Americans and people in the rest of the free world will recognize the true nature of Islam and take measures to protect themselves that are in keeping with their basic values and the principles Western civilization is built on.

Lets hope so, for all our sakes.

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