Choices were made long ago, Re: Obama: Iran, N. Korea have a choice, Jerusalem Post, November 17, 2009

Iran and North Korea both made their choice years ago and have done everything in their power in the intervening time to make that choice a reality. Both nations have chosen to develop and possess nuclear weapons and not to stop or curtail their efforts until they do so. They have also decided not to let anything get in their way, threats, sanctions, reproach and opprobrium from the international community, anything. Iran has made the additional decision to use it’s nuclear weapons against Israel at the earliest possible opportunity and after that against others in the Middle East and beyond if it deems them necessary to advance it’s perceived interests, which it no doubt will.

President Obama is living in a dream world and completely divorced from reality if he thinks otherwise. Military action is the only thing that will bring either country’s nuclear program to an end. In the case of North Korea, it would have to be unilateral American military action as no one else would take on the task. Since this is not going to happen because Obama and the Americans are innocent and blind it is safe to say that North Korea will become a nuclear power in due course, with all the attendant repercussions. Obama and the Americans are innocent and blind regarding Iran too and will not act against it militarily either. Fortunately for all of us Israel is neither and will use it’s own military to remove the Iranian threat in a preemptive strike which it will see as a last resort essential for it’s survival.

There will of course be universal public condemnation after Israel attacks but behind the scenes nations in the Middle East will be thankful to the Israelis because a nuclear armed Iran is a serious menace to everyone in the region and is something no one wants. For Obama’s information it would also be a serious menace to the United States and the West as well. Regardless. there will even be admiration and respect for Israel because in the Middle East strength and the willingness to use it is admired and respected above all. Conversely, the United States will be diminished considerably because it didn’t have the sense or cojones to act in it’s own best interests in the only way it could, with the gun.

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