Don’t hold your breath, Re: Will a Mideast Truce Work?, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, November 19, 2009

No it will not. Why? Because Palestinians are unalterably opposed to Israels existence and want nothing more than to see it destroyed and removed from their midst that’s why.

Palestinians don’t want a truce or peace or to live next to Israel in their own state. They want Israel gone, pure and simple. That has been their attitude from the very beginning. Their loathing of Israel, and the Jewish people as well for that matter, has everything to do with their culture and religion and to ascribe it to Israels existence or actions denies history and reality.

Palestinians plight is entirely of their own making. They could have had peace and prosperity years ago but chose to live consumed by hatred and self pity instead. That’s their fault, not Israels. Everything that Israel has ever done has been in response to those attitudes and their manifestations in violence and war. Human rights violations? Palestinians are among the biggest violators on the planet.

Gaza, the wall, settlements are all red herrings. The root of the problem is in the hearts and minds of the Palestinians and that is where the solution is too. No one wants peace more than the Israelis while all the Palestinians want is their death and destruction. If that changes everything changes. If it doesn’t nothing does.

Don’t hold your breath.

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