Ottawa calling Richard Goldstone, Re: Minister calls abuse allegations hearsay, National Post, November 20, 2009

There is an obvious response to Mr. Colvin’s allegations that Canadian military personnel committed war crimes in Afghanistan by turning prisoners over to Afghan authorities knowing they would be tortured. A fully independent War Crimes Commission must be held to investigate these and any other war crimes or human rights abuses Canadians may have been responsible for there.

The Canadian governments attempt to dismiss these allegations as untrue is a real red flag and raises serious questions about other activities it may wish to hide or cover up. Only a fully independent War Crimes Commission led by an objective, fair and impartial international jurist with an unsullied reputation can ferret out the truth.

Richard Goldstone comes to mind. There is no doubt the results of his investigation would be every bit as accurate, thorough and balanced as his report on the war in Gaza. The government should cal him as soon as possible and ask him to get on with it. Exoneration after all is the order of the day and no one is beter suited for that.

Unless of course Israel is involved.

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