Swiss people should be congratulated, not castigated, Re: Switzerland faces backlash over minaret ban, Daily Telegraph, December 2, 2009

The people of Switzerland should be congratulated for voting to ban the construction of new minarets in their country. In doing so they have firmly rejected the Islamization of their society and let the world know in no uncertain terms that it is unwelcome there in whatever form it takes.

The message they sent is two pronged and very clear. Islamization is incompatible with a free, secular, democratic, Judeo-Christian, western nation and attempts to Islamisize Switzerland are not acceptable. The vote was an affirmation by the Swiss people of the importance they place on their way of life and their customs, traditions and values and a benign rejection of a belief system that is totally opposite to theirs. It had nothing to do with religious intolerance because it does nothing to prevent Muslims from practicing their religion. It simply prevents a symbol of Islamization from polluting the landscape, nothing more. Minarets on mosques are not a religious requirement. They are a cultural and political statement which we can well do without.

One can only wonder how Muslims will react to this latest “affront” against Islam. Will they react hysterically and violently the way they did after the newspaper in Denmark published the Prophet Muhammad cartoons? Will Swiss institutions be threatened and the safety of Swiss citizens be jeopardized? Will there be a backlash in the Islamic world? Very likely yes, to all three questions. In fact, the Government of Switzerland was afraid a positive result could provoke such behaviour and appealed to voters to reject the resolution accordingly. The Swiss people deserve a great deal of credit for voting to accept the resolution. They deserve even more credit in light of the possible consequences.

Islamization in Europe has been an unmitigated, well documented disaster. Creeping Islamization in the United States and Canada has been detrimental to those countries as well. Perhaps this courageous vote is the beginning of a long overdue turnaround. If it is we can thank the Swiss for giving us a much needed wake-up call and getting the ball rolling.

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