PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION CANCELLED, OBAMA CITES UNFINISHED BUSINESS, Re: The Obama 4-year plan to remake America, American Thinker, December 12, 2009

Americans won’t be waking up to big black banner headlines like this in 2012, but not because of the way President Obama thinks. For him, democracy is just an impediment to the implementation of his ideas and his all out quest to completely reshape the United States and bring it in line with his ideology and world view. If voters get in his way he’ll brush them aside if he can or manipulate them into doing whatever he wants. Our system of democracy…. that’s just a means to an end and if he can’t achieve what he wants to within it’s confines it will be subverted in some way. After all, who knows better than him what’s best for us and if our democratic process has to be sacrificed on the altar of Obamaism so be it.

Obama’s decision to bypass Congress and give the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to issue and enforce regulations limiting greenhouse gas emissions may just be a portent of things to come. If we allow him to get away with this it could lead to even more sinister attacks on our method of government.

The President came to the conclusion that Congress would not pass enabling legislation so what did he do? He simply sidestepped it. The facts that the EPA will have to create a huge new bureaucracy, that American business (and the American economy) will be crippled, that the climate change science the authority is based on is dubious at best and that the American people would not support this initiative are irrelevant. Obama has decreed that the regulation of green house gas emissions is a good thing and must come to pass, Congress and democracy as we know it be damned.

Nothing can give us a clearer picture into the mind of our President and the length he is willing to go to to get his own way than this. The willingness to abrogate the Separation of Powers doctrine the United States is built on and the total disregard of the Constitution is astounding and dangerous. If it isn’t treason it is very close and most certainly behooves all of us to do everything we can within the law to stop the man in his tracks.

Impeachment anyone? Why not….he’s certainly earned it and the consequences of giving him another three years to wreak havoc on our way of life would be enormous. The first year of his Presidency has been an unqualified disaster for virtually all concerned in any number of ways. Three more years might very well be the end of us.

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