Change for the worse, not the better. June 15, 2009

When I returned from vacation on June 14 I was hoping to learn that some positive changes had occurred in world politics and that the American response to provocations and threats by North Korea and Iran had hardened since I left on May 18. I was incommunicado and completely out of touch for almost a month and I hoped to find that North Korea had decided to close it’s nuclear weapons program in the face of a no nonsense, possiby military, U.S. response to it’s missile launch and weapons test, that Iran had done the same because the powers that be there were convinced that they would suffer the same fate as the North Koreans if they didn’t, that President Obama’s speech in Cairo would stand up for American values and history and not pander to Muslim sensibilities or be full of odious and inaccurate moral equivalencies and that Obama would be absolutely unequivocal in his support of Israel and would make it very clear that threats to the Israeli state would not be tolerated and would be responded to with force if necessary.

Sadly, none of this happened, not that I really expected it to of course. North Korea has decided that it will proceed full speed ahead with it’s nuclear weapons program in defiance of the U.S. and United Nations, Iran just re-elected a President who is full of hatred for Israel and the United States, who would like to wipe Israel off the map and would do so if he could and who will no doubt proceed with his own nuclear weapons program because he knows he has nothing to fear from America, President Obama’s Cairo speech was a disgrace because he came across as weak, vacillating, not proud of his country and willing to discuss anything with anybody and Israel is feeling very threatened because U.S. support seems to be wavering because of ideological and political considerations.

Somehow the world seems to be a much more dangerous place than it was a month ago, much more on the brink and closer to a catastrophy that would envelop us all. This is largely the fault of President Obama’s failed approach to diplomacy and the perception he has given the North Koreans and Iranians, among others, that they can get away with anything, even if it compromises the security of the United States or it’s allies, or in the case of Israel, compromises it’s very existence.

There is one thing and one thing only that can bring the world back from the edge. Obama has to stop being naive and apologetic, see American enemies for what they really are and understand what they would really do and develop a spine. What the world needs more than anything is a tough, uncompromising cop to keep  destructive elements in check and only President Obama and the Americans can carry out that role. They must  do so because if they don’t we are all in deep, deep trouble.

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