The British are a bunch of…., Re: UK supermarkets to heed advisory on West Bank labelling, Jerusalem Post, December 12, 2009

What a bunch of hypocrites the British are. There isn’t one single British person who would boycott food which comes from Israeli settlements that doesn’t use countless items on a daily basis which are produced in places with horrific, unconscionable, abominable records of abuse, violence, denigration and subjugation. Palestinians habitually inflict atrocities on themselves and others in Gaza, the West Bank and elsewhere. If a person wants to make a political statement against ill treatment towards others on an individual or collective scale by boycotting food from a particular locale, boycotting food produced by Palestinians is far more grounded in morality and reality than boycotting food produced by Israelis.

Absolutely nothing that Israel does is comparable to the brutality that occurs every day in innumerable places around the world, places which produce goods and services that are used as a matter of course by those who would boycott Israeli food. It doesn’t get any more hypocritical than that. Or cowardly or ignorant either.

Cowardly because boycotting Israeli food is easy. Boycotting items that come from places in which barbaric acts are routinely committed is not. Try boycotting oil from Saudi Arabia or anything which comes from China for example. Since the boycott movement is full of people who are anti-Israeli and anti-American and cut from the same cloth try boycotting anything that has a connection to Israeli or American technology, like mobile phones or computers or a wide variety of other electronic devices. That would actually cause real inconvenience. Boycotting food produced in Israel does not.

Ignorant because people who blame Israel for the plight Palestinians find themselves in know nothing about the history of the Middle East or Palestinian culture or religion. Palestinians are entirely responsible for whatever suffering they endure. There could be peace and prosperity in very short order if their attitudes and behavior changed and anyone who looked at the situation knowledgeably and objectively would recognize and understand this.

That would take time and effort and an open mind though.

British boycotters. What a bunch of….

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