One motive, one solution, Re: Iran’s Motives, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, December 15, 2009

Iran’s motive is clear and beyond dispute. It is not simply the development of medium or long range missiles and nuclear weapons. It is to use those missiles and weapons to attack Israel and wipe it from the face of the earth. After that, who knows? Attacking or blackmailing the United States or other western nations, doing the same to Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Egypt, exporting terror further and further afield….there are any number of possibilities. There is no doubt which will come first however, nor is there any doubt about why Iran is developing nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver them in the first place. The annihilation of Israel is Iran’s motive and it will launch a nuclear attack as soon as it is able to do so.

There isn’t any doubt about the solution to the problem either. Nothing the international community has done or will do will deter the Iranians. More diplomacy, threats, condemnations or sanctions are meaningless. American military intervention might give Iran second thoughts but since that is not going to happen the Iranians are free to carry on developing missiles and nuclear weapons as they wish. Israel of course is well aware of this and will solve the problem on it’s own in due course. The Israeli Defence Force will destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities because Israel’s survival depends on it. That is the only option Israel has and the only solution which exists.

That’s also one more failure for President Obama as leader of the free world. The biggest one of all actually.

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