Palestinians have no one to blame but themselves, Re: Palestinians vow raid retaliation, Al Jazeera English, December 27, 2009

Therein lies the problem. Three Palestinian members of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades enter Israel and murder a father of seven in cold blood. Instead of condemning this barbaric act and taking measures to prevent others of it’s kind what do Palestinians do? They celebrate the killing and take umbrage when Israelis defend themselves by returning the favour and eliminating the murderers. Talk about hypocrites and savages. The deaths of those killers are on Palestinian shoulders, not Israeli. There will never be peace in the Midle East or prosperity for Palestinians until they expunge the hatred and murderers from their society and allow Israelis to live in security free from terrorist attacks. Until then all they’ll do is reap what they sow, constantly blaming Israel for their difficulties when the solutions lie in their hands and theirs alone.

Besides,¬†what do Palestinians have to be so upset about anyway….after all, if they can kill Israelis why can’t Israelis kill them?

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