The Real Impediments Are…., Re: The Myth Of Israel’s Illegal Settlements, National Post, December 29, 2009

Anyone who believes that Israeli settlements are an impediment to peace in the Middle East or a Palestinian state must also believe that the moon is made of green cheese. Settlements are not an impediment at all, they are nothing more than a red herring. If every single settlement was magically removed tomorrow we would be no closer to peace or a Palestinian state than we are today because Palestinians would think up other reasons to block the way.

The real impediments are Palestinians refusal to recognize the existence and legitimacy of the state of Israel, their refusal to allow Israelis to live in safety and security free from constant attack and the real possibility of being killed or maimed at any time and the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hatred that permeates and consumes their society.

Truth be told, Palestinians aren’t interested in coexisting with Israelis, nor by extension are they interested in peace with Israel or their own state next to it. They could have had all of this many times over the years if they really wanted to. What Palestinians really want is Israels destruction pure and simple and they will stop at nothing to bring this about, including the invention of phony impediments like “illegal” settlements.

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