The Terrorists President, Re: History is Knocking for Obama, American Thinker, January 6, 2010

Islamic terrorists around the world must have rejoiced when Barack Obama was elected President. The more perceptive among them knew that his mentality, naivete and myopia would be great assets in their ongoing efforts to bring down western civilization, with the destruction of the United States and Israel being first on the agenda.

Obama’s record during the first year of his presidency has shown that they were absolutely correct in their assessment and that they have every reason to be encouraged and carry on with their murderous acts as he has proven incapable to date of taking meaningful steps to stop them. He doesn’t seem to know what, or who, the real enemy is, he hasn’t exhibited the strength of character or will to deal decisively and forcefully with matters and he doesn’t seem to have the humility to recognize or acknowledge that his policies and actions need to change dramatically because if they don’t more and more attacks on the U.S., Israel and other western nations will occur, more and more innocent blood will be shed and the demise of the free world will be that much closer.

Here’s some help Barack. For your information, the United States is at war and Afghanistan, Iraq, the Fort Hood massacre, the attempt to blow up the Northwest Airlines flight over Detroit, the murder of seven CIA members at Forward Operating Base Chapman, the attempted murder of the Danish cartoonist, Iran’s development of nuclear weapons and all other acts of terrorism in the name of Islam are connected. They are not stand alone phenomena nor are the perpetrators individual extremists. They all share a common philosophy, hatred of America and western civilization and everything both stand for and a common short term goal, to kill as many “infidels” as possible because they think that will bring them closer to a world wide Islamic Caliphate, which necessitates the death of the free world and which is what they are really after.

What does that tell you? It tells you that the real enemy is Radical Islam and that it’s leaders and soldiers are Islamic Jihadists. It also tells you that Radical Islam and Islamic Jihadists are present throughout the west, including the U.S., that their poison is spreading every day and that their capacity to wreak havoc, destruction and death is getting stronger as we speak.

What should you do? For a start, connect the dots, think of yourself as a President at war with an implacable foe, be honest with the American people about the predicament they’re in and place the country on a war footing, root out terrorists and terrorism ruthlessly at home and abroad, treat captured terrorists as war criminals not ordinary criminals, unequivocally support our friends and allies, use your rhetorical skills to rally America and the rest of the free world to the cause and harden targets around the globe, especially in the United States. Most important of all, stop mucking about as you are inclined to do and get on with it!

And no, you don’t have to threaten or abrogate our civil liberties to be successful either. While virtually all terrorists are Muslims the majority of Muslims are not and you do not have to single out or alienate the Muslim community in the U.S. or elsewhere, which is something that must be remembered. In fact, the majority of Muslims would be grateful to you for getting rid of the Jihadists in their midst.

People everywhere are hoping you can steel yourself and take things in hand. We’re all in extremely deep trouble if you can’t.

A good beginning would be destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities.

You’re welcome.

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