President Obama’s Performance, Re: Charles Krauthammer: Obama celebrates U.S. decline in European tour, Wall Street Journal, April 16, 2009

President Obama’s performance on the international stage has been very questionable to date. His actions have been most disconcerting indeed. Organizations and regimes that would bring about our demise are beginning to get a very clear picture of the man and this is something we should be deeply concerned about.

They see a President who regularly denigrates and apologizes for most things American, who believes in soft power above all in spite of the lessons of history and inherent dangers in this, who has a tendency to micro manage and whose naivete’ and inexperience in international affairs can be taken advantage of.

The American President and de facto leader of the free world has to be proud of his country and stand up for it and this he has failed to do. He must fully recognize America’s virtues, strengths and preeminent place in the world and play to them in his dealings with all concerned. Being conciliatory is fine. Being dismissive and subservient is not. If change and security for everyone come at all they will come through the exersize of power and strength, not through displays of weakness and mea culpas.

The jury is still out and it is entirely possible that Obama will grow into the job and become one of the great Presidents in the history of the United States. I hope this happens. I also hope he learns the lessons he has to very quickly and that he inadvertently doesn’t send us all to hell in a handbasket in the meantime.

After all, rhetoric and force of personality will only go so far in this nasty world we live in.

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