Yes it is, thank goodness, Re: Is it already over for Obama?, Toronto Globe & Mail, January 29, 2010

There was only one real question going into the State of the Union address in Washington. The question was-can Obama change and save his presidency? The answer is a resounding, unequivocal no.

Obama is a self centered ideologue without the ability to recognize that his policies and methods are harmful and unacceptable to America and the rest of the free world or the courage and political skill to change them even if he wanted to. He does not have the gravitas or experience to be a successful President and is nothing more than the creation of a facile, fatuous media.

There was some hope that he would modify his domestic policies and be more forthright and realistic on the foreign policy and national security fronts because of the battering he’s been taking for the past year and because he has demonstrably failed in all three areas but it is obvious that we are simply in for more of the same until he leaves office….more divisiveness, more rancor, more voodoo economics, more arrogance, more flying by the seat of his pants, more hasty, poorly thought out decisions, more distortions of the truth and more incompetence and stupidity.

It is also obvious that he will be a one term President and that he will go down in history as a dismal failure. It’s a pity but it really is his own fault. He tried to govern from the far left, ran into unremitting opposition and¬†found out that this was virtually impossible in the United States and refused to alter his thinking and behavior because of his overweening¬†faith in himself and his ideas. He’s like a bull in a china shop, except that China would never let a guy like him get anywhere near the shop.

Can’t blame anyone else for that can you Barack?

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