Taiwan’s endangered, not China, Re: China endangered?, Jerusalem Post, January 31, 2010

The United States may have agreed to sell 6.4 billion dollars worth of arms to Taiwan but this will never actually happen. In the end President Obama will abandon the Taiwanese in return for the Chinese agreeing to place sanctions on Iran or some such thing. The Chinese are far more important to Obama than the Taiwanese and he would desert them in an instant if his agenda was seriously threatened, regardless of his rhetoric. China is well aware of this, which means there is no way arms will be delivered because the Chinese will ramp up the pressure until the deal is called off.

That’s called geopolitics President Obama style. Any day now we can expect him to say that the agreement has been cancelled but the cancellation in no way lessens the U.S commitment to Taiwan’s defense etc. etc….

The President cannot be trusted and the Taiwanese would be well advised to purchase their arms elsewhere. Obama has a history of backtracking and any country that believes it can depend on him could easily find itself out on a very long limb.

Are you listening Israel?

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