Security prognosis in Middle East poor at best, hopeless at worst, Re: Toward a Secure Middle East, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, February 3, 2010

Amr Moussa says “In my opinion a secure Middle East requires full appreciation of the past, a full understanding of the present and a vision for the future.”

Unfortunately and predictably his appreciation of the past and understanding of the present are both very limited, perhaps even willfully blind and his vision of the future is completely unrealistic because it is predicated upon Arabs working together over time for a common cause, which has historically never happened to any great degree and also because the destruction and removal of Israel is implicit in it as well.

A full appreciation of the past means that Mr. Moussa would have to admit that Israel has every right to exist and that it’s presence in the Middle East is entirely legitimate from every point of view imaginable, including historical. It would mean that he would have to see the existence of Israel as a fait accompli and that overt or covert attempts to remove it from the face of the earth make security in the Middle East impossible for everyone, including Arabs. It would mean that he would have to acknowledge that Arab hatred of Israel, and Jews for that matter, is rooted in history and culture and religion and that this must change before anything else does.

None of this is mentioned in Mr. Moussa’s article.

A full understanding of the present would mean that he would know that Israel’s military might and willingness to use it is in response to the constant attacks and wars the country has had to deal with since it came into existence. It would mean that he would view Hamas and Hezbollah as enemies of the Palestinian people and impediments to their peace and prosperity. It would mean that he would understand that Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons is a serious threat to the Arab world and that Israel’s nuclear weapons program isn’t now and doesn’t have to be in the future. It would mean that he would know that Israel would be a true friend to Palestinians and would do everything it could to improve their lives and raise their standard of living, including helping them to create their own state, if they would only allow Israelis to live in peace. It would mean that he would see that Arabs have no one to blame except themselves for the social problems in their societies and that blaming Israel for them is disingenuous in the extreme.

None of this is mentioned either.

Not only is Mr. Moussa’s vision of the future completely unrealistic it is also very bleak. Suffice it to say that Israel isn’t going anywhere and that there will never be peace and security in the Middle East until Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world come to their senses, recognize and accept Israel’s right to exist and stop trying to maim and kill Israelis and wipe the country off the map. What are the chances of that happening any time soon?

The ball, as always, is in their court, which is why the security prognosis is poor at best and hopeless at worst.

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