Wrong! It’s really the other way around, Re: ‘It would be an utter calamity if his views were embraced’, National Post, February 4, 2010

This is comletely mistaken. It would in fact be an utter calamity if Geert Wilders ideas weren’t embraced.

The core of Mr. Wilders argument is that freedom of expression is an esential requirement of an open, secular, democratic Western society. Anything or anyone can be exposed, criticized, ridiculed, satirized or skewered. Nothing can be placed out of bounds, including Islam, the Koran or Islamic figures past and present (even the Prophet Muhammad) because the minute we allow that to happen is the minute we can no longer call ourselves free. Wilders believes, rightfully so I might add, that Islamization in the Netherlands and elsewhere is compromising and eroding freedom of expression and other Western values and if it is not stopped our culture will disappear and the West will no longer be recognizable.

One of your correspondents writes “I cherish the Western civilization I grew up in.” That is precisely what Mr. Wilders is trying to defend and preserve in Holland and other countries and why she should do everything she can to prevent Islamization from taking root in Canada. Islamization in Europe has been a well documented disaster in any number of ways and it would be the same here as well.

Another correspondent writes “Geert Wilders has called the Koran a “Fascist book,” the Prophet Muhammad “the Devil” and ranted against halal meat at grocery stores.” All that is totally irrelevant. Like us, he has every right to express himself as he wishes because the freedom he possesses allows him to. If people take exception so be it. Disagreeing with or being offended by something is no reason to take away our freedom of expression, which is exactly where Islamization would lead us and exactly what Wilders wishes to avoid.

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