Hillary’s real message-we give up, Re: Clinton sees Islamist terror as No. 1 threat, Washington Times, February 8, 2010

United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said yesterday “even a nuclear armed North Korea or Iran isn’t as great a threat to the U.S. as al Qaeda and allied jihad groups.” What this really means is that President Obama’s administration will not use military means to eliminate North Korea or Iran’s nuclear development program. It is a tacit admission by the administration that it’s attempts to prevent either country from developing nuclear weapons have been an utter failure, that it holds no optimism similiar attempts in the future will be successful and that America doesn’t have the stomach or foresight to use it’s military to stop them from becoming nuclear powers.

This also means that both countries will proceed full steam ahead in their quest to develop and possess nuclear weapons. It means too that an Israeli preemptive strike on Iran is inevitable and will take place soon because the Iranians are very close to achieving their aim, which Israel cannot allow.

War is coming to the Middle East and it is coming in large part because Obama’s administration doesn’t see that a nuclear armed Iran would be absolutely catastrophic for the U.S., because it is arrogant and foolish enough to believe that it can ‘isolate and manage’ the situation once the Iranians have a nuclear capability and because it doesn’t have the courage or sense to eliminate the problem the only way it can, by bombing Iran’s facilities into oblivion while it is still possible. Terrible as that sounds, it really is the lesser of two evils.

The situation is essentially the same regarding North Korea, although it is not quite as precipitous.

Make no mistake, al Qaeda and allied jihad groups are serious threats to the United States and no effort or expense should be spared to defeat them. That is a given. It is also a given that keeping nuclear weapons out of North Korean and Iranian hands is a fundamental part of this and that it is not an either/or scenario. There are many linkages involved and the administrations failure to recognize and act on them makes us all far more vulnerable.

Weakness, ignorance and willfull blindness won’t make us safe. Understanding our enemies, strength and the willingness to use it will. Israel knows this. To bad Clinton and Obama don’t.

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