With enlightened self interest, that’s how, Re: How should the world react to Iran’s nuclear regime?, BBC News Website, February 9, 2010

What it should do and what it will do are two different things.

We have already seen that the world is not going to do anything substantial to stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, even though this will be disastrous for everyone. Sanctions are a waste of time and always have been. Military action is the only thing that can stop the Iranians and the world, meaning the United States, is not going to attack because it doesn’t have the wisdom or sagacity to do so. The U.S. is a paper tiger that doesn’t realize a nuclear armed Iran would be a calamity for it as well as everybody else. Even if it did it doesn’t have the fortitude to use it’s military in any case. Iran of course has known this from the beginning, which is why it hasn’t let sanctions or anything else get in it’s way.

The Israelis harbor no illusions however and they will destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities on their own because they simply can’t allow the Iranians to possess nuclear weapons. Whatever else they may be they are not ignorant, willfully blind or suicidal and they know full well that Iran will launch nuclear armed missiles at them as soon as it can in an effort to remove them from the face of the earth. Since Iran is very close to becoming a nuclear power and since it is obvious the world will not prevent this from happening we can expect Israel to take the matter in hand any time now.

Rightfully so, good for the Israelis and the sooner the better. The world will thank them in the end, that’s for sure.

Even the Arab world. Even America.

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