It’s about time!, Re: For Israel, every traveller is an ambassador…a much criticized country calls on its citizens to show the world that it is modern, sophisticated and peace-loving, Toronto Globe & Mail, February 24, 2010

The Israeli government is launching a global public relations offensive called Making the Case for Israel which is designed to improve the countrys image outside its borders and show the world what it really is-a liberal, cosmopolitan democracy governed by the rule of law with a boisterous free press and thriving artistic, educational, technological, industrial, agricultural and other communities. It is a culturally advanced country with a strong desire to live in peace and security with its neighbors that can be a wonderful place to reside in or visit for people of all ages. While it certainly has its warts, it is young, vibrant and alive with an openness, tolerance and sense of joy that far outstrips the rest of the Middle East and compares favorably with virtually anywhere else.

Making the Case for Israel is long overdue and will provide a much more honest and realistic picture of the country than the one foisted on the world by its enemies. There is no doubt they have been winning the media war for some time now and that this has been detrimental to Israelis and Palestinians alike. It has presented a false picture of Israel to the world, has been a contributing factor in keeping Palestinians poor, backwards and in a state of servitude and has made peace impossible for those gullible enough to believe the lies and propaganda spewed forth by individuals and organizations that would like nothing more than to see Israels demise. Israels entrance into the media wars is most welcome because it will open peoples eyes to the true nature of the situation in the Middle East, because the real impediments to peace and prosperity will be exposed, because falsehoods will be countered and because the world will see what Palestians could become if only they would abandon their hatred of Israel and attempts to destroy it.

This campaign is a very unwelcome development for Israels opponents. Aside from anything else it cannot help but present them in a very unflattering light because the comparisons will be there for all to see. It could even lead to Israels detractors changing their opinions, to Palestinians throwing off their shackles because they want a quality of life comparable to Israelis and because they realize at long last that they will never get it until they change course and get rid of the ideologues and thugs among them, to an end to the vicious anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment that so debilitates Palestinian society and to peace, security and prosperity for all.

Of course, this is a real threat to Hamas, Hezbollah and others of their ilk so we can expect them to ramp up their efforts to use the media to demonize, villify and delegitimize Israel in order to reshape reality and keep themselves in power. It won’t work though because Israel will become very good very quickly at the media game and because in the end truth will triumph over fabrication. The Israelis will succeed at delegitimizing the delegitimizers as it were.

Like I said, long overdue.

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