Presidents are supposed to make decisions, not take their cue from televised debates, Re: Partisan Gap Mars Summit, Wall Street Journal, February 25, 2010

The health care summit in Washington is indicative of what’s wrong with President Obama’s administration and why his leadership style makes him an exceedingly poor fit for the office he holds.

A President of the United States has to be able to make tough, hard, uncompromising decisions, very quickly at times. He or she is not supposed to take their cue from televised debates before embarking on a course of action. Obama always tries to seek consensus and be all things to all people, which makes true leadership impossible.

The health care fiasco is but one example. If a bill is eventually passed it will be nothing but a watered down series of compromises and nowhere near as comprehensive as it could and should have been. It will also contain many provisions which clearly contravene American values, may be unconstitutional and may not survive legal challenges. The American people deserve much better and a strong President who is able to lead instead of follow would have seen that they received it.

There are many other examples as well, the most egregious being foreign policy and the fact that this leadership style means the United States cannot stand up to regimes and organizations which threaten its existence and the existence of its allies, nor can it take serious measures against Jihadists who maim and kill Americans in the name of Islam, sometimes on U.S. soil. It is a weak, vacillating, slow moving style which makes us all much more vulnerable to attack and the world a much more dangerous place.

What would Obama do if another 9/11 type event took place? Call a bipartisan summit to decide how to deal with it? Probably. Whatever comes after that would be just like a potential health care bill…insipid, weak and reeking of appeasement and compromise because the President is really a lightweight who can’t or won’t act decisively.

Like I said, the American people deserve much better.

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