Lets hope the rest of Holland votes for Freedom too, Re: Dutch anti-Islam MP in poll gains, Al Jazeera English, March 4, 2010

It is very encouraging to see that Geert Wilders Freedom Party has done so well in recent local elections in the Netherlands. Freedom is now the second biggest party in The Hague, Hollands capital and the biggest in Almere, the eighth largest city in the country.

With Parliamentary elections coming in June these results strongly indicate that Freedoms anti-Islamization platform resonates with the Dutch people and that Mr. Wilders will be a force after the elections whether or not the party can form a government. Wilders is also a champion of freedom of speech and freedom of expression and the importance of him being a prominent figure in the political arena cannot be overemphasized. The Netherlands may yet be able to overcome the creeping Islamization that has infected its culture and threatens its way of life…if it does it will be due in no small part to Mr. Wilders and the courage and foresight he has shown in his battle to keep Holland free and secular.

Heres hoping that the results of these local elections are replicated nationally in June and that a tidal wave of anti-Islamization engulfs Europe. Islamization is threatening the very fabric of the continent and must be stopped if countries are to retain their Judeo-Christian character and democratic institutions. Who knows, perhaps the people of Britain, France, Germany et.al. will thank the Dutch (and the Swiss who voted to ban the construction of new minarets in their country too for that matter) for leading the way.

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