Is impeachment in the cards? Re: Abuse of Power, Wall Street Journal, March 4, 2010

There is no question that President Obama’s threat to use reconciliation to enact his health care bill is an abuse of power and that another abuse will occur if he actually goes ahead and tries it. Obama’s health care bill is very unpopular with the American people, has no support among Republicans and Independents, precious little among Democrats and has absolutely no chance of being passed into law unless reconciliation is used.

Reconciliation was created as a deficit reduction tool and was never designed or intended for anything else. It has never been used for anything except budget measures. The fact that Obama is willing to use it to ram his health care bill down everyones throat in the face of virtually universal opposition speaks to his arrogance, desperation, incompetence, lack of respect for American institutions and willingness to abuse his power to get his own way. If successful, it also means that one sixth of the American economy will be reshaped as the result of a narrow partisan vote and that the entire legislative process has been violated, circumvented, neutered and repudiated, by the President no less.

All of which raises the question….is impeachment in the cards? If it is we can only hope that courageous legislators will start the impeachment process soon. Obama is clearly unfit for office and the health care fiasco is but one example among many that make this more than obvious. The last three years of his term could be even more disastrous for the United States and the world than his first year and the sooner he goes the better.

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