What’s the point in asking?, Re: Can the US broker Middle East peace?, BBC News Website, March 9, 2010

The BBC should stop asking ridiculous questions like this because the answer is self-evident and exactly the same as it would have been since Israel first came into existence, actually since long before Israel came into existence. It is a clear, unequivocal no. The reason hasn’t changed in all that time either. It’s because neither Palestinians or the rest of the Arab world are remotely interested in peace. All they are really interested in is the destruction of Israel and its removal from the face of the earth.

Peace? That’s the last thing Palestinians and the wider Arab world want now or have ever wanted. There could have been peace in the Middle East decades ago if they were willing to recognize and accept Israels right to exist, guarantee its security, stop launching wars against it and stop trying to maim and kill Israelis on a virtual daily basis. Peace will not come until those things happen, regardless of efforts by the United States or anyone else.

The BBC should also refrain from asking questions about a Palestinian state. The Palestinians could have had their own state decades ago as well and the reasons they don’t are all tied in with the above….a refusal to live in peaceful co-existence with Israel, an abiding desire to wipe it off the map and ongoing efforts to do just that. For the BBC’s information a Palestinian state simply won’t happen until those things change, no matter what the US or other countries do.

Here’s a question for the BBC.

Why have Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world been so opposed to peace and the creation of a Palestinian state?

Answer it knowledgeably and honestly and you’ll see that their plight is really their own fault and that they have no one to blame but themselves for the situation they find themselves in. You’ll also see that the solution lies entirely in their hands.

Here’s another question.

When will the rest of the world recognize this, get fed up with them and leave them to wallow in their own bile until real change takes place?

Not much longer I suspect.

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