Reassurances don’t mean anything, Re: Biden reassures Israel on Teheran, Jerusalem Post, March 9, 2010

American Vice President Joe Biden said yesterday that “our absolute, total, unvarnished commitment to Israel’s security” was the cornerstone of the U.S. Israeli relationship.

Rhetoric is nice but what does this actually mean?

The greatest single threat to Israel’s security is Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. Does this mean the United States will attack Iran when it launches nuclear armed missiles at Israel, or take serious measures to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power in the first place? The Iranians don’t believe that so why should the Israelis?

Hamas and Hezbollah threaten Israel’s security. Does this mean that the U.S. will do everything it can to curb their power and support Israel militarily and economically when, not if, when, they begin yet another war? Is this something Israel can depend on?

Palestinians also pose a security threat to Israel. Is the Obama administration willing to convince them that it is squarely in Israel’s corner and that there will be no American support for a Palestinian state or anything else until they start acting in good faith, recognize and accept Israel’s right to exist and allow Israelis to live in peace, free from the constant attacks that are a part of their daily lives? Since the rest of the Arab world is unalterably opposed to Israel’s existence and also threatens it’s security is the United states prepared to convince it as well?

Will America respond militarily if Arab armies attack Israel?

Is American support for Israel truly unconditional or does it hinge on other things, like politics or economics or personal agendas or personal characteristics like President Obama’s spinelessness and arrogance and impatience?

Sorry Joe – Israel has to view your reassurance with a great deal of skepticism and cynicism and act accordingly. Thanks to Obama America is no longer believable or trustworthy and Israel of all countries cannot rely on it for deterrence or security.

Neither of course can anyone else. Pay attention South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Eastern Europe Obama is more than capable of abandoning Israel, which means he would do the same to you to.

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