Islamization a real threat in Canada, Re: Canadian values vs. niqabs, National Post, March 12, 2010

On no account should religious or cultural activities that are not compatible with Canadian values and customs be allowed to override and replace our way of doing things. We live in a Judeo-Christian, free, democratic, secular society and if we want to keep it that way we must resist and overcome those among us who would have us change to accommodate their beliefs and practices as opposed to their changing to accommodate ours.

This has particular relevance when one looks at the disastrous impact Islamization has had in Europe and at the inroads it is making here. If we are not vigilant and vigorous in defending our way of life and the foundation it is built on our cities will become versions of Londonistan and we will find ourselves living in the Islamic Republic of Canadastan or some such thing. That is what Islamization does. It leads to the erosion and removal of western freedom and fosters Islam’s preemminence and in the end, domination.

Which of course is what Islam is all about. Dominating and subjugating non believers.

That is why the decision in Quebec to have the Muslim student remove her veil in French language class or drop out of the course was absolutely correct, despite her protestations and the resulting furor in the Islamic and multicultural community. When she refused to remove her veil in class even though an uncovered face was a course obligation she effectively said ‘my religious and cultural requirements are the most important thing here and have to take precedence over anything else…it is your job to meet my needs, not my job to meet yours…you have to change, not me’ and so on. It doesn’t take much imagination to see where this would have led if she was allowed to get her way. What would have┬ácome next, an insistence that female Muslims only be taught by female Muslim teachers or an insistence that female Muslims only attend schools in which no males are present? Where would we have gone after that? The mind boggles.

School and government officials who stood their ground should be congratulated and commended. We can only hope that their courageous example will be emulated in the many battles to come, not only in Quebec but in the rest of Canada as well.

Courageous example? That’s right. Islamization is already a fact of life in Canada and if you don’t believe me try satirizing or skewering Islam or the Prophet Muhammad in public and see what happens.

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