Some things are entirely predictable-the real meaning of Obamacare, Re: Obamacare will haunt Democrats for years to come, American Thinker, March 22, 2010

President Obama’s unrelenting quest to transform health care in the United States and the tactics he used to get Obamacare passed were exceedingly dumb political exercizes.

The passage of Obamacare was not a triumph for Obama and the Democrats at all. It is exactly the opposite. It guarantees that Obama will be a one term President and that most if not all of the Deomocrats who voted for the legislation will be tossed out in the upcoming mid-term elections. It also guarantees that the Democratic Party will be tainted and viewed with suspicion and mistrust for many years, which will of course significantly reduce the chances of Democratic candidates getting elected to anything, least of all high office. Obamacare is so hated and the methods Obama used to get it passed so unsavory that Democrats may not be able to recover for a generation or two, at least. Obama will never recover and his days as an elected politician will be over when his term ends in 2012.

An astute politician would have recognized and understood this and not sacrificed his career and party on the altar of hubris, as Obama just did.

Republicans shouldn’t feel dejected because they couldn’t stop Obamacare from being passed. They should rejoice because Obama and the Democrats have committed political suicide. They won’t even have to work very hard to keep the issue before the public because the reasons why people found Obamacare so objectionable in the first place will do that for them. There will be court challenges, huge new government expenditures, higher taxes, diminished medical care, daily bureaucratic horror stories, regular cuts in government programs, the lot, all of which will serve as constant reminders that Obama and the Democrats were responsible for this unholy mess and the Republicans fought it every inch of the way. It’s a shame that real health care reform in the U.S. is further away than ever but Americans will blame Obama and the Democrats for that too, rightfully so.

Yes, some things are entirely predictable.

What else can we expect?

We can expect to see more of Obama the tyrant and more of Obama the know- it-all. Now that he has “succeeded” with Obamacare, his pride will be even more puffed up and he will be that much more insufferable and difficult to constrain. Foreign policy, particularly the Middle East, is the next major area he will turn to, and we can expect him to take a much more personal role in trying to secure a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians…he will try and bully his way into a peace agreement and impose his will on Israelis, even if this compromises their security.

We can also expect the number and scale of terrorist attacks on Americans at home and abroad to increase, that Islamization in the United States will become more prevalent and that America’s stature in the world will continue to erode.

As his Presidency winds down we will see him become more and more angry, impatient and disdainful as the folly of his domestic and foreign policies become apparent to all and as his colleagues desert him in droves, like rats leaving a sinking ship. He will blame everybody but himself for his failures and may even resign rather than accept the verdict of the voters. That after all is what bullies do when they are well and truly exposed…they slink away.

Even though it won’t be pretty America will survive and rebound and recover and so will Israel. On the other hand, Obama will forever be seen as a pompous windbag, thug and discredited boy wonder who was in way over his head and it will take a Herculean long term effort for the Democratic Party to resurrect itself and become a credible political force.

Those are some small consolations I suppose.

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