Ann Coulter in Canada, Re: Just who’s guilty of a hate crime?, National Post, March 24, 2010

The thugs and intellectual midgets who prevented Ann Coulter from speaking at the University of Ottawa don’t believe in freedom of expression or free speech. They believe in shouting down and shutting up anyone who doesn’t fit into their uniform, politically correct, limited universe and are an affront to thinking, freedom loving people everywhere. Thinking is the last thing they do…they are easily led, easily manipulated, conformists and fascists who are unable to respond knowledgeably, intelligently or articulately to views other than their own and their hatred for people who are not of their ilk is palpable.

Free speech is not something that is welcomed or embraced. It is feared and loathed.

Trite little brownshirts is a description that comes to mind. Their behaviour is completely unacceptable in a society that values freedom and the unfettered exchange of ideas and must be denounced and stopped in it’s tracks. If it isn’t each and every one of us will  be forcibly required to stay within strict ideological parameters in all of our public utterances and freedom in Canada will be a thing a thing of the past.

Ann Coulter was right when she called the University of Ottawa bush league and censured it’s students.  Their behaviour was disgusting, revolting and alarming and they more than deserve all the criticisn that comes their way.

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