Jews and Christians down, Islamists next?, Don’t bet on it, Re: Pope’s immunity could be challenged in Britain, Toronto Sun, April 4, 2010

So the Pope may be prevented from visiting Britain in the fall for fear of prosecution resulting from child abuse by pedophile priests.

Coupled with their unremitting attacks on Israel this means that the condescending, morally superior Brits have now, in effect, taken on two of the world’s three major religions and that their pristine country could be unsullied by the presence of Israelis and Catholics in the future.

Too bad they don’t have the sense and courage to take on Islam as well. Islamization is the true threat to the U.K. after all, not Israel or the Vatican.

The true threat to the rest of the western world too for that matter, including  the United States and Canada.

Britain is an island all right, an island of smug, self righteous ostriches with their heads in the proverbial sand.

All of which raises the question…whose God will get them first, Jews, Christians or Muslims? Personally, I’m betting on Allah…now there’s a revengeful deity if ever there was one.

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