When America Weakens, Fear Rises, Re: Failure hurts Pyongyang’s quest to be a feared entity, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, April 7, 2009

Countries that depend on the United States for protection must be very worried right now. If the Americans are unwilling or unable to stop the North Koreans from threatening them with nuclear weapons, why should anyone else feel the U.S. would come to their assistance if they were attacked? If there isn’t an immediate, forthright, unambiguos response to the North Korean provocation how can the Japanese or South Koreans or Israelis or Taiwanese or anyone else, including Canadians and Europeans I might add, really believe in the Americans anymore?

This lack of belief and confidence would make the world a much more dangerous place because it means that countries would act unilaterally militarily in the name of self preservation. It would also embolden terrorist regimes and organizations that would like nothing more than to bring about our demise and would do so in a heartbeat if they could.

The last thing the world needs is a weak America that does not take serious measures on behalf of itself or it’s allies. It is naive and dangerous to think otherwise. Rhetoric is not enough. For everyone’s sake the United States should see to it that North Korea’s nuclear capability is eliminated immediately.

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