Does it or doesn’t it?, Re: Gates says U.S. Lacks a Policy to Thwart Iran, International Herald Tribune/New York Times, April 18, 2010

United States Defence Secretary Robert Gates recently wrote that America does not have an effective strategy to thwart Iran’s short and long term nuclear ambititions.

President Obama’s national security advisor General James Jones says it most certainly does but refuses to elaborate further.

Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has also chimed in, along with numerous and sundry others.

These differences of opinion are inimical to America’s security interests. Obama is the only person that can speak authoritatively on the subject and clarify a very confusing situation. To do so he must answer the following questions in a forthright and unambiguous manner.

What exactly is the U.S. strategy to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons?

Does it include a unilateral, preemptive military strike?

If it does, under what conditions would the United States use force?

If it doesn’t, why not?

What is the American strategy for dealing with Iran should it become a nuclear power? More specifically, since Iran’s purposes in acquiring nuclear weapons are to remove Israel (the Little Satan) from the face of the earth, establish it’s hegemony in the Middle East and then defeat the U.S (the Great Satan) on the way to establishing a world wide Islamic caliphate, how will the United States react if Iran announces that it possesses nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, even though intelligence agencies told us it was years away from having this ability?

Needless to say, President Obama should take the strongest possible stance on the Iranian nuclear weapons file and publicly present it to the American people and the government of Iran. He should leave nothing open to interpretation and should let the Iranians know in no uncertain terms just how extreme the consequences will be if they continue on their current path. In the end, a weak, insipid or non-existent response to Mr. Gates assertions can only result in rivers of American blood and an unfathomable loss of American lives, among other things. A strong response that leaves nothing to the imagination at least holds out the possibility of bringing the lunatics in Iran to their senses, exceedingly slim though this may be.

Obama being Obama there is no chance of this happening however. All we will get from him is more useless prattle which will give the Iranians additional time to develop their nuclear program. Enter the Israelis. You can bet they have a strategy to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons and you can bet it will be effective too. It has to be because their survival depends on it.

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