Mocking Muhammad, Re: BEAR INSULTS, South Park creators rile again for depicting Muhammad in a bear suit, National Post, April 22, 2010

The Post has it backwards and is missing the most important aspect of this whole sorry affair. The headline really should read ‘Muslim protesters rile again over depiction of Muhammad’ and the story should really be about how Muslims are casting a pall over freedom of expression in the United States and Canada by threatening retaliation for anything they deem insulting.

As free citizens in free societies we have every right to criticize, satirize, ridicule, question or skewer whatever we want to and any attempt to prevent us from doing so is a direct frontal attack on our civil liberties and way of life. This includes Islam, the Koran, Muhammad or Allah. Saying that the creators of South Park face violent retribution for depicting Muhammad in a bear suit is saying to all of us that we cannot express ourselves in any way that may be seen as disrespectful by the Muslim troglodytes among us for fear of being attacked or killed like Theo van Gogh or many others. If that doesn’t spur us to defend our right to express ourselves freely nothing will.

Pushing back is long overdue. Freedom of expression is one of the cornerstones of western civilization and if we lose that we will lose everything else as well.

Muhammad in a bear suit…that’s barely worth mentioning, except of course for those who would muzzle us with their seventh century mindset.

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