Know thine enemy, Re: Times Square bomb police focus on video of man watching smoking car, The Guardian, May 3, 2010

The person or persons responsible for the attempted bombing and mass murder in Times Square has not been identified as of this writing. As such we can only speculate about who might be responsible and their possible motive. Nevertheless, two things stand out very clearly, both of which are cause for great concern, even alarm.

The first is that officials disavowed any possible link to Islamic terrorism virtually as soon as the car bomb was discovered. It was attributed to a lone individual who acted for indeterminate reasons which had nothing to do with the usual litany of grievances raised by Muslim apologists. Even if this turns out to be true, which is exceedingly doubtful, there is no doubt that domestic terrorism in the name of Islam is a significant and growing problem in the United States and that there have been many attempts in New York City to sow terror and death, over and above 9/11 of course. Not acknowledging the possibility of a link closes off numerous lines of inquiry and compromises the investigation and also helps to keep Americans in the dark about how serious the threat of Islamic terrorism in their country really is. Like the Fort Hood massacre and other attacks and attempted attacks, murder and mayhem in the name of Islam is being glossed over by government officials at all levels from President Obama on down. The American public should well ask why…what is the reasoning behind this?

The initial reaction to the car bomb in New York is just the latest example. Given recent history we can expect this to continue as long as Obama is in office even if Osama bin Laden himself planted the bomb.

The second is that Muslim groups and only Muslim groups have praised the attempt and justified the carnage that would have taken place. One terrorist group even rushed to take credit. This is very telling. Yet again it let’s us know, in no uncertain terms, that we are despised and hated, that our way of life is threatened, that our institutions and values will continue to be attacked and that we can expect more and more violence perpetrated by Muslims in our homeland. Whether or not the bomber was acting alone and whether or not his motivation had anything to do with Islam is irrelevant in this sense. There are any number of Islamists in our midst who would like to punish us for what we are and bring about our demise and who see terror and murder as perfectly legitimate means to those ends.

Our governments failure to recognize and admit this, to understand the true motivation behind attacks on us (violent or otherwise) and to take appropriate preventive action makes it complicit at the very least. To rectify the situation we must first become fully conversant with the true nature of Islam. Only then will we get our collective heads out of the sand, start calling a spade a spade and act accordingly.

Are you listening Mr. President? Actually, I know you’re not but I thought I’d ask anyway.

Why indeed?

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