What now Hillary?, Re: ‘Consequences’ if Pakistan car bomb link-Hillary Clinton, Daily Telegraph, May 8, 2010

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned Pakistan that it faces severe consequences if an Islamic terrorist attack like the Times Square bombing was ever traced to that country.

US Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the United States has evidence that the Taliban in Pakistan was behind the attack on Times Square.

One wonders just what the consequences Clinton was talking about will be and whether they will have more bite and be more effective than the consequences Iran and North Korea faced for their transgressions, nuclear and otherwise.

Or will her threats be every bit as empty and futile as President Obama’s?

Will the United States put it’s money where it’s mouth is? Can America be depended upon to back up Clinton’s words with action? Does Pakistan really have anything to be concerned about because of it’s connection to the attempted mass murder in New York? Is this just more posturing and meaningless rhetoric by the Obama administration?

I know how I’d answer those questions.

Over to you Hillary.

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