What a silly question. No, it can’t., Re: Could the Middle East become a nuclear free zone?, BBC News Website, May 12, 2010

There is no possibility of the Middle East becoming a nuclear free zone in the foreseeable future. None whatsoever.

Right now there is one state in the region with nuclear weapons, Israel, and another, Iran, which is very close to developing and acquiring them. Egypt, Saudi Arabia and others will also seek nuclear weapons of their own once Iran becomes a nuclear power.

Israel is not going to give up it’s nuclear weapons because it sees them as essential to the country’s survival and Iran is not going to end it’s development program because it wants to use it’s weapons to attack and destroy Israel (the Little Satan), establish it’s hegemony in the region and eventually confront the United States (the Great Satan).

Three things have to happen before the Middle East can become nuclear free. Israeli’s would have to believe that their country’s security and very existence would not be threatened if they gave up their nuclear deterrent, Iran would have to bring it’s development program to a screeching halt, stop supporting those who work toward Israel’s destruction and convince Israel that it is sincere and won’t revert to form and the Islamic world in general would have to recognize and accept Israel’s legitimate right to exist and act as it’s guarantor.

These things can’t happen because of the Islamic mindset and Islam’s age old antipathy toward Jews (and Israelis by extension), which means that the Middle East can’t become a nuclear free zone either. Israeli’s have no illusions and know full well that they would be attacked in force the minute they gave up their weapons because Iran and the rest of the Islamic world want nothing more than to wipe Israel off the map. Change that and everything else changes too but since the hatred it is based on has existed for 1400 years nothing can be expected soon, if at all.

Blame it on Islam and the Islamic worlds inability to come to terms with Israel’s presence and allow Israeli’s to live in peace and security.

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