Misplaced Anger, Re: Israeli Clash at Sea Inflames Tension, Wall Street Journal, May 31, 2010

The anger towards Israel for it’s interception of the flotilla and the ensuing deaths is entirely misplaced. Israel was absolutely justified in halting the ships and preventing them from offloading their cargo in Gaza and the Israeli commandos were absolutely justified in defending themselves as well. Those are not the issues, not to anyone with a knowledgeable, unbiased, rational view of the situation there and in the Middle East in general anyway.

People were hurt and killed because the activists on board responded violently to the Israeli commandos, leaving them no choice but to react in kind. The activists chose to attack the Israelis instead of acquiescing peacefully and making their political points without anyone being injured. The violence and death could have been avoided if they wanted…the fact is the activists wanted violence to occur and initiated it to enhance the points they were trying to make.

That is callous and reprehensible and the world should be very angry at them, not at the Israelis who are the real victims in this sorry affair. It should also condemn them for getting people hurt and killed in an exercize that was never anything more than political theatre.

Anger and condemnation should also be directed towards the activists enablers and apologists, who are every bit as responsible as they are.

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